Zsa Zsa LaFine

I was raised to marry up.

I am the product of late-teen recklessness. Unsurprisingly, I turned out a total disappointment to my parents aspirations; I’m a cynical brat and artist.

By the time I was 16 I was ending my catholic school girl/choir singer/violinist career and moving to the other side of the country alone, to be trained as a professional ballerina. I retired at twenty. With an aching hunger for glamour and fame.

Following in the footsteps of the great Leigh Bowery, I moved to London and indulged my obsession with style and art.

I make music, performance and installation art, paintings and clothing. I’m driven by the rejection of dullery, learned sensibility, insincerity, classist elitism and misery. My work is gaudy, camp, tacky, insensitive, crass, unashamed, lowbrow, highbrow, cheap, excessive, sentimental and theatrically vulgar. I build hyperreal alternatives to real world scenes.
At its core, my practice is an irreverent disregard for conservatism and cruelty.